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I have been fascinated by the textures, colors and shapes of discarded pieces of nature such as rocks, shells, and worn pieces of wood for as long as I can remember. On the beach I would find a simple shell and integrate it into a small collage so it no longer looked like itself.  The truth is it never looked like a shell to me; even on the beach it was a small circle transforming the beach to a collage.

Later, as an artist making collages, the work started small and then grew from smaller works, to multiples to even larger pieces up to 6 feet in length.  Broken bits of bark, shell, and leaves began to break beyond the frame's edge to disrupt the traditional frame and resemble the force of nature.  Although the composition might resemble nature, they were abstractions to be interpreted by the viewer.


In the late 70's through the 90's, I developed large works that were shown in several exhibitions in the Soho area of New York City.  In 2012, I moved back to Brooklyn where I was born and shifted the focus of my work to abstract figure drawing with charcoal and paper--a medium that suited the smaller space I now live in. 


With this web presence, my hope is to share my work with viewers, artists, and a larger community.  I look forward to your comments which can be left by clicking "Contact".

With passion and a deep love for color and texture, 


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